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Booze&Glory  - Streetpunk band from London formed in 2009 by Mark, Liam, Bart and Mario. In 2010 Step 1 Music released their debut  CD album: “Always On The Wrong Side”  followed by LP version 6 months later.  The Band  appeared on several  splits and compilations and released few singles on various labels. In 2011 Step 1 Music (UK) together with Contra Records (Germany) released their second full length album called “Trouble Free”  In 2012 Step 1 Music and Longshot Music (USA) released the new EP with Micky Fitz(The Business) on vocals called “Back Where We Belong” to pay a tribute to West Ham United. The same year Booze&Glory made their  first official video (“London Skinhead Crew) – which reached  nearly 5.000.000 views on You Tube.  At the beginning of 2013 Step 1 Music released the CD  - “London Skinhead Crew – Singles Collection” 

During the last few years Booze&Glory played the shows all around the Europe and  appeared on the big  festivals like: Punk&Disorderly, Rebellion, Endless Summer, With Full Force, Mighty Sounds,  Back On the Streets, Pogorausch, The Ride, Bandworm Fest to name a few.

In September 2013 the band  signed the contract with American label Sailor’s Grave Records and started  working on the 3rd  full length album which has been released by Sailor’s Grave Rec, Contra Rec and Step 1 Music  at the beginning of 2014. In October 2013 Frank Pellegrino(Italy) produced their second official video – “Only Fools Get Caught”. This year the band already visited Asia (Indonesia) and played their first US tour (including Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas and  Black N Blue Bowl in New York)


Line Up:

Mark – vocal, guitar

Liam – vocal, guitar

Frank  – drums

Bubbles  – bass



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